The Best Time of Year to Take an Alaska Cruise | When Should I Cruise to Alaska?

The Best Time of Year to Take an Alaska Cruise | When Should I Cruise to Alaska?

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If you are planning an Alaska cruise, but not sure when to go, this video is for you. We break down all of the factors like weather, price, and wildlife sightings to help you decide the best time to take an Alaska Cruise.

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1:00 When You Can Cruise to Alaska
1:45 Optimal Weather Conditions in Alaska
4:18 Cheapest Month to Cruise Alaska
5:45 How to Avoid Crowds on an Alaska Cruise
6:45 Best Time to See Wildlife
8:24 Best Time to See Northern Lights

When considering the best time to take an Alaska cruise, the answer is not as clear cut as you would think. There are several factors you need to consider when selecting the best time of year to cruise to Alaska.

For those looking for the best weather conditions, a cruise in mid-July to mid-August is the safest bet. Although, the driest month of the year in the Alaska cruise season is May. So, those looking to stay dry might consider earlier in the season.

Similarly, cruisers who want to save money on an Alaska cruise should consider cruising during the shoulder seasons. The months of April/May and September/October will offer the lowest cruise fares. However, there could be fewer wildlife sightings. Plus, the weather can be more variable during those times. Although, sailing later in the season gives cruisers a chance at seeing the Northern Lights.

For those looking to see wildlife, there really isn't a bad time of year to cruise to Alaska. However, the peak season for sightings of creatures like bears and bald eagles tends to be mid summer.

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