Man Overboard on Norwegian Cruise Ship, Runaway Barge Hits Pier

Man Overboard on Norwegian Cruise Ship, Runaway Barge Hits Pier

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November 6, 2023
Bahamas Cruises
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Cruise news today. A man overboard on a cruise ship. A 41-year-old male passenger was reported overboard from the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, which was hosting the Headbangers Boat metal festival near the Bahamas en route to Miami. A barge broke away from its mooring due to high winds and drifted toward Seattle's central waterfront, causing a temporary evacuation of nearby landmarks. The crew of the King County Water Taxi, led by Captain Dan, acted quickly to redirect the barge, averting a major collision with the Seattle Aquarium. Commemorating Veterans Day this weekend, Carnival Cruise Line hosted 200 Miami-Dade veterans for a tribute and luncheon aboard the Carnival Horizon in Port Miami. Carnival president Christine Duffy honored the veterans by donating a 15-passenger van to the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, enhancing transportation for veterans' services. Cruise line stocks for CCL, RCL, and NCLH.

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Title: Man Overboard on Norwegian Cruise Ship, Runaway Barge Hits Pier
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