7 Days on Europe's Biggest Cruise Ship - Mind Blowing!

7 Days on Europe's Biggest Cruise Ship - Mind Blowing!

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February 14, 2024
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I’ve just disembarked a cruise on one of the biggest and most exciting cruise ships in the entire world where I braved a 11-storey slide and went to a secret bar that doesn’t exist on the deck plan. The cruise was onboard MSC’s newest cruise ship the MSC World Europa and MSC definitely are a controversial cruise line. Plenty of people love them, and lots hate them with a passion.

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Normally when I book an MSC cruise it’s because I’ve found a bargain and paid half the price of the mainstream American or British cruise lines, this time though I just really wanted to try this ship so paid far more than I ever have for an MSC cruise in the past and I hoped I’d get more in return. The ship certainly looked impressive from the promotional videos.

If the bad reviews were to be believed I’d be spending the week hungry, overwhelmed, uncomfortable and generally miserable but I knew the only way to really find out was to get on board for myself.

We boarded the ship in Barcelona in Spain and as soon as we walked up to the World Europa I knew that this would be an interesting cruise, realising that every little square like this was a balcony that would have between 2 and 4 people in if blew my mind a little bit.

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