My First Time on a Luxury Cruise Ship! | Vista, Oceania’s NEW Ship

My First Time on a Luxury Cruise Ship! | Vista, Oceania’s NEW Ship

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Have you ever been curious about what it’s like on board a luxury cruise ship? Well … I had the opportunity to be fancy for a few hours when I was invited to tour the Oceania Vista. This is a brand new ship. In fact, it’s the first new Oceania ship in over a decade. In this video, I’m going to show you some of the stunning public spaces and give you some insight into what’s it like to be invited on a ship tour. Thank you for watching!

0:00 Intro
1:29 Oceania Vista Ship Facts
2:07 Background info on Oceania Cruises
3:26 When I First Stepped On Board The Oceania Vista
4:09 Oceania Cruises Amenities
5:03 Cost Of Oceania Cruises
5:31 Checking out public spaces on Oceania Vista
7:00 Rooms On Board Oceania Cruises
8:19 Checking Out The Library On Oceania Vista
9:06 The Spa And Pool Area On Oceania Vista
9:31 The Most Luxurious Dining Room On A Cruise
11:05 Types Of Passengers On Oceania Cruises
11:47 Final Thoughts On Oceania Vista
12:12 A Few Interesting Tidbits
13:15 Outro

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