🔴 Port Miami Cruise Ship Departures with ICON of the Seas

🔴 Port Miami Cruise Ship Departures with ICON of the Seas

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🔴 Live ICON OF THE SEAS Arrives in Miami ! | Cruise Ships Live

Live Port of Miami Cruise Ships

Experience the Port of Miami, Florida, through our live video feed. Witness the dynamic spectacle of boat traffic, majestic cruise ships, bustling cargo vessels, and the rhythmic flow of FEC intermodal rail traffic against the backdrop of coastal tropical weather. Our panoramic views showcase iconic landmarks such as Dodge Island, Palm Island, Star Island, Fisher Island, and the sun-kissed shores of South Beach. Immerse yourself in the essence of this renowned sea port with the best live webcam capturing every moment of its maritime charm!

▼ Thursday Jan 11, 2024
Ship / Terminal / Arrives / Departs
Icon of the Seas / A / 6:30 - Turn / 18:00
Norwegian Gem / B / 4:30 / 16:00 - Turn
Norwegian Joy / C / 4:00 - Turn / 17:30
Independence of the Seas / G / 5:00 -Turn / 16:00

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Port Miami History:

Established in 1927, PortMiami has a rich history evolving from a regional port to a global hub. Initially crucial during World War II, it experienced post-war growth and became a major commercial and container port. In the 1970s, it embraced the cruise industry, earning the title "Cruise Capital of the World." Continual modernization, including deepening channels and upgrading terminals, has kept it at the forefront of global shipping. Today, PortMiami is a vital economic force, contributing significantly to international trade and tourism.