10 Times Cruise Ship Trips Went Terribly Wrong!

10 Times Cruise Ship Trips Went Terribly Wrong!

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Cruises are supposed to be fun!! But from mysterious disappearances to unfortunate accidents, here are ten times when cruise ship trips went horribly, horribly wrong!

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10: Banned for Life
One of the worst things you can do on a cruise ship, besides commit some kind of heinous crime, is to jump over the edge. A young man from Vancouver recently did just that, and while he definitely earned a quick flash of Internet fame when the video of him leaping off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship went viral, he is also now banned for life from ever getting on one of their boats again.

9: An Unfortunate Tumble
It's one thing to jump off a cruise ship on purpose, but here is a guy who accidentally fell from a cruise ship. But it gets even crazier than that. According to CNN, the man fell off his cruise ship and was rescued by a different cruise ship over 5 hours later.

8: A Suspicious Vanishing
In August of 2004, a woman named Merrian Carver boarded a ship with Celebrity Cruises in Seattle, bound for Alaska. She thought it would be fun to travel alone. But things started to get weird when Merrian’s daughter could not get ahold of her.

7: Cruise Ship Killer?
On the cruise ship Disney Wonder, a British crew member named Rebecca Coriam went missing on March 27, 2011, and some believe that she was murdered. Not only do they believe Rebecca was murdered, but they also believe the cruise ship operators could be playing a part in covering up the gruesome details.

6: Kidnapped by the Crew?
In a horrendous story from 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley not only vanished from a cruise ship, but was considered kidnapped! It happened on March 24 when her father had woken at around 5:30 in the morning and noticed her there – so she was definitely still around in the early morning hours

5: Murder on the High Seas
A man from Utah named Kenneth Manzanares is facing life in prison after he turned an ordinary cruise ship trip into a murder scene. It all happened in 2017 when Kenneth and his wife got into an argument after she told him on the cruise ship that she wanted a divorce.

4: A Horrible Birth
If you’re nine months pregnant, you probably shouldn't be getting on a cruise ship. And yet a woman from Indiana in October of 2011 gave birth alone on a cruise ship during a trip to Saint Maarten.

3: The Diamond Princess
Perhaps the worst cruise anyone could have been on in 2020 was the Diamond Princess. The trip began to turn sour three days in. China had shut down all travel from the interior city of Wuhan, the world was in panic, and the passengers were relaxing in the sunshine.

2: Slippery Fingers
It doesn't get much more unfortunate than the story of Salvatore Anello, the grandfather who accidentally let his granddaughter slip through his fingers and fall to her death. Salvatore later pled guilty to negligent homicide.

1: Life in Prison
This terrifying tale should be a script for a horror movie. A couple of teenagers broke up and drifted apart, then reunited three decades later, fell in love as adults, got married, and then suddenly one of them murdered the other one and left them on the bathroom floor of a cruise ship.

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