25 Cruise Packing Mistakes You MUST Avoid

25 Cruise Packing Mistakes You MUST Avoid

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Are you going on a cruise? Are you looking for cruise tips on how to pack successfully for your trip? This is the video for you!

In this video I share with you 25 mistakes that are made when packing for a cruise along with the cruise tips on how to avoid them.

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Cruise Packing Tips
00:00 Introduction
00:51 Do not pack a prohibited item
00:15 Pack your important documents
01:47 Pack all needed medications
02:11 Pack the needed shoes
03:08 Pack a jacket or hoodie
03:24 Pack an electrical docking station
03:48 Pack a port bag or backpack
04:25 Pack an umbrella, raincoat, etc.
04:35 Pack a laundry bag
04:51 Pack a waterproof phone case
05:13 Pack sunscreen
05:30 Keep important documents in your carry-on
06:21 Pack your carry-on properly
07:13 Have your boarding outfit accessible
07:48 Use a packing list
09:15 Make your luggage standout
09:42 Use luggage tag holders
10:10 Weigh luggage before going to airport
10:46 Remove old airline barcodes from luggage
11:16 Ensure your hygiene bag is airport friendly
11:35 Protect contents from leaks
11:50 Bag or cover your shoes
12:01 Be organized in how you pack
12:34 Check your vehicle when you arrive
13:18 Check the weather for your cruise itinerary
13:34 Bring some ziplock bags
13:46 Bring some trash bags
14:20 Use a luggage tracking device