Carnival Guests Attacked on Cruise, Crew Member Goes Overboard

Carnival Guests Attacked on Cruise, Crew Member Goes Overboard

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October 25, 2023
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Cruise news today. A Carnival Cruise passenger on the Carnival Magic was assaulted in the ship's theater with a bar glass, described by some as a "stabbing." A crew member from the German AIDAperla has gone overboard off the coast of Kent in the UK. A former employee of Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland copied confidential files onto his personal hard drive and moved them to his consulting firm in China. The District Court of Southwestern Finland ordered his estate and company to pay five million euros in compensation and an additional 95,000 euros in damages for copyright infringement and corporate espionage. Cruise line stocks were down on Friday for CCL, RCL, and NCLH.

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