Kotor Remains on our Bucket List! Vlog Day 7 of 11

Kotor Remains on our Bucket List! Vlog Day 7 of 11

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This is Day 7 of a 22-day cruise on the Enchanted Princess. Princess considers these two different 11-day back-to-back cruises. We are scheduled to arrive in Koto - until a dreaded announcement at 7am. We are so close and can see the shore, but a storm chases us back to sea. We make the best of another sea day - our fourth in a row in the Mediterranean!

This is the 7th video that contains a letter for Journey to the Secret Word. For each of the 11 days onboard the ship, we will hide a letter, find all 11 and form a three-word cruise-related phrase. Make a list of where all the letters were found and what the words are - then mail it to secret @ cruisingcanucks.ca? The lucky winner chosen from all successful entries will win a piece of Level 8 luggage! See full contest rules here https://www.cruisingcanucks.ca/secret

Level 8 was kind enough to gift us the luggage on this cruise. We agreed to try it and see how it works on future cruises. No sponsorship or fees were paid by Level 8; they just wanted you to see our experience using it. For more information on Level 8 and the products in this video, please check them out at http://level8cases.com/ and use coupon code CRUISINGCANUCKS10 for a 10% discount.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 - Bad News
2:03 - We Can See Montenegro
5:07 - Breakfast & a Movie
7:12 - Lunch & How Did We Get Here
9:42 - Pre-Dinner
13:27 - MDR
15:11 - Captains Circle
19:38 - International Cafe
20:38 - CanCon
22:22 - Dreaming of Land

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