Lodging Complaints on the Breakaway | Port Day on the Ship

Lodging Complaints on the Breakaway | Port Day on the Ship

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March 13, 2023
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We complained. Yes we sure did. We stayed on the ship in Roatan, Honduras, enjoyed the hot tub, and lodged some complaints to management! See how it went!! Sherri also had a starring role in the evening game show on board, so come join the fun! As cruise vloggers, we are excited to share our cruise ship vlogs and experiences with you. We feature excursions, room tours, private islands, specialty dining, and more. SUBSCRIBE for all the fun!

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Breakaway Embarkation: https://youtu.be/34WeNUrEBp4
Best Port Ever??: https://youtu.be/vMfcCzLhQ44
Wonder of the Seas Embarkation: https://youtu.be/UyVRCr7pZPA

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