3 Ways to Stop Humidity on a Boat

3 Ways to Stop Humidity on a Boat

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January 9, 2022
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In this video we show you 3 ways to stop humidity on a boat. But first you need to know how much humidity you have on your boat. That is why we recommend having a gauge that measures the temperature and most importantly the humidity. Back in the day when I was a kid we put crackers in the salt shakers and sugar bowls. Now we have these bean bags that soak up the humidity that we put in the lockers and cupboards to dry out the air and when they get full of moisture and turn pink you just pop them in the microwave an at 600watts for 6 minutes until they turn blue and you are good to go again. First we are going to talk about dehumidification.

#3 Dehumidification
We keep a dehumidifier on the bridge since it its relatively cold and moisture seeps in it keeps the dew point down on the bridge. Th model that we have has a bucket to collect the moisture as well as a hose that we attach to drain out of the port side of the boat. Our AC units also on the boat also act as a dehumidifier.
#2 Circulation
Circulation is important! We keep the fans running all the time to keep the air flowing and circulating. Our AC units not only heat the air or cool the air but they constantly circulate the air on the boat keeping it comfortable and the windows clear of moisture.
#1 Ventilation
In our heads we have the fans that help keep the moisture out from taking a shower and running the sink. We also have little heaters that are only 300 watts that help keep it warm in the heads. But in the galley this boat didn't come with any ventilation! And the in the galley between the cooktop, microwave, sink and our instant pot it creates a lot of moisture. So in our next video we are going to address that problem. We will be increasing the ventilation in the heads as well as adding ventilation to the galley.

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Title: 3 Ways to Stop Humidity on a Boat
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