Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it on a Boat?

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it on a Boat?

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October 24, 2021
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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it on a Boat or just replace it? Some things you don't think of when you move into a boat full time or any small space. it's kind of like living in a closet and what I mean by that is that from a carpet standpoint is it is like a hallway that gets a lot of traffic. Between the dogs feet and having people on our Navigator Yacht gets filthy. Even though we wipe his paws and have a no shoes policy it still gets dirty and has to be cleaned. Well you might think that's not a big deal, oh yes it is!
We are at the farthest part of the marina and you need to have a ton of hose to make it from the parking lot to the boat. We have to move everything off of the carpet which is easier than a house and set up a dehumidifier to get all of the moisture out. We turned up the heat to bring the ambient temperature up and the weather is going to be warm for the next couple of days. Then we have to vacate but one could say you could tiptoe around the carpet but we don't want to get the carpet pad soaked and the dog has to live so we are going to stay in a hotel for the night. The challenge of the day is if there is going to be enough hose to make it to the boat from the parking structure. We are having Junior's Carpet Cleaning who does boats and cleaned our carpets last year and did a good job. I took the dog off the boat to get him out of the way. Junior ended up having to bring his other truck over to have enough hose to reach the boat. They cleaned the carpets and it looked great!
So before going to the hotel we decided to take a dinghy ride around the lake and soak in the last of the few warm days that we have is Seattle here.
Then it was off to the hotel to check in and get settled. We had dinner at the Capital Grille to celebrate a belated birthday dinner for Jon. We then went back to the hotel to let the dog out and Karlynn was able to enjoy a bath.

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7:50 Dinner time
8:47 Time to relax
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Title: Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it on a Boat?
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