Cruising the Panama Canal - Tips to have the best Panama Canal Experience!

Cruising the Panama Canal - Tips to have the best Panama Canal Experience!

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Cruising the Panama Canal - Are you thinking of cruising the Panama Canal? Today we’ll cover all you need to know before going on your cruise. In the video we tell you about the Panama Canal, a bit of history, fun facts and different type of cruises thought the Canal.
We will also be describing our own experience cruising the Panama Canal in the fall of 2018.
If cruising the Panama Canal is in your bucket list than this video is perfect for you. We will also give you a little tip that a crew member told us to pick the best cabin on the ship for cruising the Old Panama Canal.

We are two Canadians currently living in Italy. We moved to Italy in November 2018 to start a new chapter of our life's and we would like to share our story with. We hope you enjoy it.

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