Boarding Norwegian Bliss - Our FIRST West Coast Cruise Adventure!

Boarding Norwegian Bliss - Our FIRST West Coast Cruise Adventure!

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January 22, 2023
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We're finally on our West Coast cruise adventure! We board the Norwegian Bliss in Los Angeles.
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We cruise with our family and explore everything this amazing ship has to offer. From the racing track to the yummy food, we visit two ports in Mexico, Cabo, and Ensenada, and check out all the different areas of this beautiful ship.

Don't miss our vlog from our cruise vacation!

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00:00 Boarding the Norwegian Bliss
01:45 Pre-cruise in Newport Beach
02:40 Day 1: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
05:43 Buffet Breakfast
07:40 Tender boat ride to Cabo San Lucas
09:15 Exploring the Cabo San Lucas port area
10:42 Snorkelling excursion
12:20 Back on the ship - Reviewing our da in port
12:50 Day 2: Ensenada, Mexico
15:15 Breakfast in the Observation Lounge
15:50 Exploring the Ensenada port area
18:18 La Bufadora and Fleamarket
19:45 Go-karting on the Norwegian Bliss
20:58 Lunch at the Local Bar and Grill
22:50 Balcony Cabin tour
28:20 Premium Drinks Package review
30:10 Oscars cruise review
31:20 Laser Tag
31:58 Six the Musical
34:49 Packing and End Credits

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