Carnival vs. Royal Caribbean | The ULTIMATE 2022 Guide with 20 BIG differences

Carnival vs. Royal Caribbean | The ULTIMATE 2022 Guide with 20 BIG differences

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Carnival and Royal Caribbean are the two biggest cruising operators in the world with dozens of stunning cruise ships each. In our most comprehensive guide yet, we will be looking at the 20 main differences between both cruise lines, including cruise prices, onboard amenities, food, drink packages, sports, destinations, departure ports, onboard atmosphere, staterooms (and stateroom sizes), entertainment, and more!

0:00 Intro
0:30 Cruise Prices
1:25 Ship Sizes
2:20 Amenities
2:55 Pools & Sports
3:55 Entertainment
4:55 Food
5:23 Specialty Dining
5:45 Onboard Spending
6:26 Pricing Scheme
6:44 Drink Packages
7:18 Staterooms
7:35 Special Rooms
7:58 Atmosphere
8:26 Demographics
8:52 Cruise Length
9:10 Departure Ports
9:30 International Reach
9:55 Private Islands
10:24 Service & Crew
10:38 Loyalty Program
10:57 Summary

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