Expert Princess Cruises Tips and Tricks for 2023!

Expert Princess Cruises Tips and Tricks for 2023!

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Before you take your next Princess cruise, you need to know these expert Princes Cruises Tips and Tricks. The cruise line has recently updated several of its offerings. So, knowing all the details before setting sail is more critical now than ever!

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 Princess Plus and Princess Premier Packages
2:43 Book with a Travel Advisor
3:50 Download the MedallionClass App
4:58 Picking a Medallion and Accessories
6:06 Reviewing Stateroom Options
7:00 Princess Upgrade Program
8:00 Getting Ocean Ready
8:40 Using Dine My Way
9:38 Digital Muster Drill
10:08 Cabin Hacks
11:15 Carpets on Passenger Decks
11:57 Explore the Ship on Embarkation Day
13:00 Free Food and Drink Deliveries
13:54 The Menus Are in the App
14:35 Opt for Specialty Dining
15:52 Try the Best Pizza at Sea
16:16 Find Your Away Around the Ship
16:52 Review the Princess Patter
17:30 Attend Enrichment Talks
18:32 Using MedallionPay Ashore
19:15 Self-Service Laundry
19:34 Movies Under the Stars
19:58 Don’t Miss Afternoon Tea
20:36 Upgrading Your Experience
21:45 Join the Captain’s Circle

@princesscruises has recently updated its fare structure. While the cruise line rolled out Princess Plus and Princess Premier last year, the programs have been enhanced in 2023. The cruise line has added inclusions to these fares, like upcharge casual dining and free OceanNow ordering.

However, this now means that the base fare of a Princess cruise is less inclusive. Still, one of the most essential Princess Cruises tips and tricks is to understand what is included in the different fares so you pick the correct one. This is where a travel advisor can help. We always book with a travel advisor and suggest you do the same. This individual can help you through the process.

Further, do know that Princess Cruises standard balcony cabins leave a little to be desired when compared to competitor cruise lines. This is where the cruise line's upgrade bid program comes in handy. We secured a better cabin using this program and suggest you give it a shot if it is offered.

Since the restart, all Princess cruise ships now offer the Ocean Medallion technology. So, all cruisers should download this app prior to sailing. The app has several features, such as online check-in, making dining reservations, and ordering your wearable Ocean Medallion.

Tips for Princess Cruises Once Onboard:
When you get on your Princess Cruises' ship, you'll want to prepare your cabin. This includes using cabin hacks like magnetic hooks and an over-the-door shoe organizer to store small toiletries and accessories.

Cruisers should complete the digital muster using their phone or television early on embarkation day. Also, pay attention to the carpet color on your deck, since the cruise line uses different carpet designs to distinguish between the portside and starboard side.

On the ship, you can use the app to order through OceanNow, and food will be delivered to your location. This is free for guests with one of the packages; however, others will now be charged an activation fee (NEW!).

Another insider Princess cruise tip is that many of the line's ships have self-service laundry. Also, the cruise line has the best pizza at sea. So, make sure to sample this award-winning dining (NEW: fees apply to guests on the Princess Standard fare). The cruise line also offers complimentary afternoon tea every day of the cruise.

In the app, you can see all the day's events or grab a copy of the Princess Patter. This daily magazine has a rundown of all the shows, hours of operation, and activities you will want to enjoy during your cruise!


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