Is this the BEST all-round Cruise Ship in the World?

Is this the BEST all-round Cruise Ship in the World?

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What does $1 billion get you? This is one of the NEWEST and most Expensive Cruise ships in the World... but is it the best?!

Some have described it as one of the best ever launched. But is it? It's bristling with the latest equipment, facilities, and top notch restaurants. Others say it's one of the nicest designed ships to ever grace the waves. But are we a fan? Does it deserve the title of 'Best All Round Cruise Ship at Sea?'

After 1 week aboard, we're here to report back.

As usual we will be as honest as we can, and nobody has paid us for our review.

This episode we delve deep into what the ship has to offer:

The Restaurants, Main dining rooms, and Speciality Outlets
The cabins
The pool Area
The Entertainment
The deck areas and Rooftop Garden
Who this cruise suits
The buffet

This is part one of our coverage for this ship. Video 2 will be our Video Diary, where we show you what a typical day aboard feels like, the activities on offer, and what you can get up to. It's our arnchair guide, in which you'll feel really immersed.

Video 3 will be cabin reviews

Covered in this video:
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celebrity ascent
celebrity ascent review
celebrity ascent guide
Infinite Veranda
Balcony cabin
best new cruise ship
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Le Petit Chef
Raw on 5 sushi and Japanese seafood
Fine Cut steak House
Eden Restaurant
Eden Cafe
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princess cruise
royal Caribbean
icon of the seas
utopia of the seas
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Cafe Al Bacio
Oceanview Buffet
The Magic Carpet
Sunset Bar

Hi, welcome to Ritzy Travel Guide, my name is Bill, we are here bringing you our latest travel reviews from around the globe! We'll be travelling right around the world on cruise ships, all inclusive resorts, tropical destinations... and the deals of the day.

In this video :

00:00 - Intro to the Celebrity Ascent
02:46 - the Look and Feel of the Ship
03:30 - The Grand Plaza
04:42 - the swimming Pool and Decks
06:17 - Entertainment Outlets
06:30 - the Theatre
07:31 - the Club
08:08 - Silent Disco
08:51 - Deck Party
09:18 - A film Crew Aboard
10:19 - Video Diary
11:06 - Main Dining Rooms
11:42 - Normandie Dining Room
12:48 - Tuscan Dining Room
13:53 - Cyprus Dining Room
14:35 - Cosmopolitan Dining Room
15:23 - Dining Room hiccups
15:37 - Speciality Dining
15:55 - Le Bistro
16:22 - Le Petit Chef
16:47 - Fine Cut Steak House
17:34 - Raw on 5 - Sushi and Seafood
18:22 - Eden Cafe & Restaurant
21:20 - Old Celebrity vs new Celebrity cruising
22:10 - Cafe Al Bacio
23:38 - Oceanview Buffet
26:30 - Rooftop Garden
28:25 - Sunset Bar
28:58 - The Magic Carpet
30:08 - The Celebrity Ascent At Night
31:03 - Caribbean Port Stops
31:48 - Cabins, Infinite Veranda suite & Ocean View
33:50 - Dedicated Cabin Review
34:05 - Our Verdict & opinion
34:56 - Who won't like the Celebrity Ascent?
36:29 - Part 2 of this review
37:04 - Comparing Celebrity Ships
37:33 - Our other guides

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