The 21 Cruise Boarding Day Mistakes You're Still Making!

The 21 Cruise Boarding Day Mistakes You're Still Making!

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Cruise boarding day could be the most important day of your entire voyage. Ensuring everything goes smoothly on this embarkation day is simple. We detail the common cruise mistakes we see other travelers make on this first day. With this vital information, you can ensure your cruise boarding day is smooth.

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What You’re Still Getting Wrong on Cruise Boarding Day
0:00 Introduction
0:50 Not Having the Cruise Line’s App
1:30 Completing the Online Check-In Early
2:10 Not Pre-Purchasing Packages and Tours
3:10 Failing to Reserve Dining
3:56 Flying On the Day of the Cruise
4:41 Not Having Luggage Tags
5:17 Getting to the Terminal at the Wrong Time
6:15 Carrying All Your Luggage Onboard
7:12 Having Physical Copies of All Documents
8:16 Packing Essentials in a Carry-On Bag
9:35 Trying to Sneak Banned Items Onboard
10:46 Not Following Shoreside Instructions
11:25 Skipping Photo Ops
12:00 Heading Straight to Your Stateroom
12:45 Signing Onto the Ship’s Intranet
13:40 Not Booking Signature Attractions
14:40 Waiting to Complete Muster
16:02 Eating at the Buffet
17:25 Exploring the Ship
18:20 Passing on The Youth Center
19:08 Not Unpacking
19:55 Binging

Even if you want to unwind on your cruise, odds are you will have your cell phone with you during the cruise. So, you'll want to download the cruise line's app before embarkation day. In fact, you should've had the app months before this day to do your check-in and set up your onboard account.

This also goes for pre-purchasing packages and tours. It would be best to wait until you are onboard the ship to buy add-ons like shore excursions, drink packages, and specialty dining. Yes, you should make all those reservations before this initial day. The same goes for entertainment if your cruise ship allows.

All of these selections should be purchased before the trip. Doing so will save you money and make the cruise embarkation day much less stressful.

Also, we don't recommend you fly in on the day of your cruise. Savvy cruisers always come in the day before cruise boarding day. This gives extra time in case of travel delays and starts your vacation a day early.

When arriving at the pier, you should have print copies of all your tickets and boarding passes, just as a backup. We recommend using the cruise line app and digital tickets to save time. But those hard copies can be helpful if there are any technological hiccups.

Also, being on your best behavior on cruise embarkation day is wise. This means not trying to sneak on prohibited items like alcohol, steamers, and extension cords. It also means not following instructions of the shoreside team or failing to do your muster drill.

Once onboard, please don't go directly to your room; it won't be ready. Also, try to allude the buffet, as there are plenty of other dining options onboard. We suggest exploring the ship and checking out all of the venues. While navigating the ship, you will want to make any reservations for signature attractions or shows you couldn't do before getting onboard. Once you do that, everything is set for the week ahead.

We want you to have fun, but go easy on cruise embarkation day. There is nothing were than overdoing it and getting sick on that first day.


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