VLOG: Two Cruises, Four Nights | Pacific Encounter and Coral Princess Cruise Mash-Up | Part 1

VLOG: Two Cruises, Four Nights | Pacific Encounter and Coral Princess Cruise Mash-Up | Part 1

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September 9, 2022
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I have been trying to get onboard the Coral Princess for months. Ever since I knew she was coming to Australia, I had a keen interest in getting onboard. Both to try out Princess' much vaunted Ocean Medallion technology and to try a new-to-me Princess ship.

After one failed attempt to get onboard Coral, I settled on a three night repositioning cruise between Brisbane and Sydney departing on August 19th. Around one month prior to departure, I received an invitation from P&O to join them onboard the Pacific Encounter's two night activation cruise - departing Sydney on August 18th.

I wanted to jump at the opportunity to get onboard Pacific Encounter, but with my booking on Coral finalised and paid for (plus, I had a group of friends onboard!) I took a few days to consider my options.

Finally, I decided that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get onboard Encounter. I chose to contact Princess Cruises and submit what's called a deviation request - essentially I asked for permission to board the ship in its one and only port of call, Newcastle.

Approval was granted, and I excitedly looked forward to both voyages!

In this vlog series, you can join me onboard the Pacific Encounter activation cruise, and then come along for the fun of a regional flight to Newcastle paired with one night's accommodation, before finally stepping onboard the Coral Princess.

I hope you enjoy the trip! Thanks for watching.