We Spent 9 Nights on One of the Most DISLIKED Cruise Ships - Our Brutal Review

We Spent 9 Nights on One of the Most DISLIKED Cruise Ships - Our Brutal Review

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October 8, 2023
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We took a cruise on one of the newest cruise ships in the world. A lot of people hate this type of ship. We review everything onboard and find some huge issues!
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Come aboard the brand-new Norwegian Viva with us as we thoroughly evaluate every aspect of our cruise experience, from the cuisine and entertainment to the cabins and the ship itself! We want to find out why this mega ship and its sister ship the Norwegian Prima is hated so much! It's astonishing to uncover some of the issues associated with this ship type. Plus, we'll take you on a journey to three distinct Mediterranean countries!

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00:00 Introduction to We Spent 9 Nights on One of the Most HATED Cruise Ships
01:00 Breakfast at the Haven Restaurant
05:17 Review: Food
08:44 Port: Cannes, France
12:30 Review: Cabins and Suites
12:36 Port: Pisa, Italy
16:10 Port: Florence, Italy
18:55 Review: The Ship
23:00 Review: Technology
24:18 Review: Service
24:30 Port: Ibiza, Spain
26:45 Review: Specialty Dining
27:25 Room Service
32:30 Review: Entertainment
33:57 Summary