MALDIVES Most Luxurious Resort 🇲🇻 Overwater Bungalow Maldives Travel Guide |197 Countries, 3 Kids

MALDIVES Most Luxurious Resort 🇲🇻 Overwater Bungalow Maldives Travel Guide |197 Countries, 3 Kids

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Join us on our first-ever trip to the breathtaking Maldives.

Often called the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is well known for crystalline turquoise waters and miles-long white sandy beaches.

This small archipelagic country is the epitome of lavish and luxury tourism and a place people come to get pampered in every sense of the word.

From swimming with sharks and snorkeling around the beautiful coral reefs to fine dining under the ocean and going on a cruise — you can easily turn your visit to the Maldives into an unforgettable experience.

So, if you were wondering how we got to enjoy this piece of paradise on Earth, it’s thanks to our adopted Uncle Pepe.

For those of you who don’t know who Pepe is, he is one of our biggest fans whom we met in Zermatt, Switzerland. From there we developed a great friendship and went on many adventures.

Together, we took helicopter and zeppelin rides, flew on a private jet, cruised the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, and finally, we arrived in the Maldives.

To reach our resort, we had to take a seaplane ride. Luckily, we were there to catch the last flight for the day, because seaplanes don’t fly past sundown.

Once we checked it, they showed us our bungalow over the water. We were surrounded with so much luxury that we had to constantly pinch ourselves to believe our own eyes. There was so much beauty everywhere we looked.

Can you imagine a living room with a glass floor looking into the Ocean? Well, we had that too. We also had a private beach, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, and the option to jump into the Indian Ocean right from our water bungalow!

The master bedroom was even more amazing, with a king-sized bed that spun in circles and an on-suite bathroom with stunning amenities and even better views.

The rest of the bungalow didn’t fall behind much, offering comfortable beds, an outdoor shower, a fully equipped kitchen, and a walk-in closet.

In the morning, we jumped on a golf cart to go to the central resort area for breakfast, and once again we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of foods and drinks and how great it all tasted.

During the day, we enjoyed the beach and all the activities it offered while Chloe went to kids camp. She even had an interesting encounter with the Princess of Saudi Arabia.

Another thing we tried at the resort was underwater fine dining. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy a meal in the company of sharks and it was a one-of-a-kind experience.

In the evening we did something really special. We went on a sunset cruise to watch the dolphins and enjoy the incredible ocean views.

Coming back into the condo, we were surprised to find gifts, cake, and champagne, and if you are wondering why, well it was New Year's Eve and we were about to welcome 2020.

And that’s exactly what we did that night. We went partying to celebrate the coming of the New Year and indeed it was something special.

Another activity we really enjoyed was feeding the sharks and they were kind enough to let us take some underwater footage with our GoPro camera.

Every minute spent at this place felt like paradise and we are so excited to share it with you.

Stay tuned for more amazing videos from our adventures around the world!

0:00 Welcome to the Maldives
1:11 Aboard Qatar Airlines
2:02 All Our Adventures with Uncle Pepe
3:27 Maldives Seaplane Flight to the Resort
4:27 Checking Into Paradise at the Conrad Maldives Resort
4:56 Tour Around Our Overwater Bungalow in the Maldives
8:39 Let’s Take A Swim in the Indian Ocean
9:37 Amazing International Food for Breakfast
10:21 Chloe Shares a Ride with the Princess of Saudi Arabia
11:09 Enjoying Lunch at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
12:42 Maldives Sunset Cruise
14:22 Happy New Year Surprise
14:59 Welcoming 2020 with a Party
15:35 Feeding the Sharks
17:30 Bye Bye Maldives

Enjoy the video!

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