Choosing a Panama Canal Cruise with Tim Hersh

Choosing a Panama Canal Cruise with Tim Hersh

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Choosing a Panama Canal cruise. Travel expert Tim Hersh of Cruise Holidays of Topeka joins Ken to discuss what you need to know about Panama Canal cruises and review his upcoming escorted Southern Caribbean cruise with Norwegian Cruise lines which includes a Panama Canal transit. Tim details the best time of year for a Panama Canal cruise and the three types of voyages; full transit, partial transit, and closed loop. What you need to know regarding passports plus the four must pack items for a Southern Caribbean or Panama Canal cruise. Tim also details the cruise lines that frequent Panama and offers his thoughts on why he prefers Norwegian Cruise lines for this itinerary. All of this plus an itinerary review of his upcoming cruise and a valuable cruise tip for those of you looking to take that next excursion or book your travel DIY.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Introduction to Tim Hersh
1:16 Overview
1:30 Best time to go on a Panama Canal cruise
2:04 Different cruise embarkation ports available
2:40 Cruiselines that have a Canal itinerary & Tim's preferred line
3:46 Unique itinerary of Tim's upcoming canal cruise
5:20 Different ways you can see or experience the Panama Canal
6:50 Other attractions in the southern Caribbean
7:40 Four items you should pack for this trip
8:40 Passport requirements
10:15 Tim's upcoming Panama canal group cruise: inclusions, air offer
12:33 Tim's advice to Do-It-Yourself
13:05 Excursion advice for any cruise
13:55 Tim's contact info & booking advice for future travelers

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